Being Pressured in my 20s


There are these rare moments (a lot of them) that I feel pressured because of my age. It’ll only be a month before I turn 23 and I just got to thinking of the time when I was in high school and when I thought that I would be achieving so much by 23 years old. But changes happened. Situations changed. Plans changed. I changed. And now, I am a young adult, feeling a lot pressure  and bearing so much weight on my shoulders. And sometimes a twinge of regret and failure creeps in too. There are a lot things a 20-something is supposed to do and I’m not doing them now.

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Radical Conviction


Okay. I’ll go ahead and say it. I don’t believe in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Let me first clarify that this is my personal conviction. I developed this stand as I grew up, experience and learn things and grow in my relationship with Christ. You will not find this in the Bible. Again, this is my personal conviction.

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Being a Good Steward of Time: Social Media


My head was aching yesterday when I had my 4am classes.I could not concentrate well. I only had almost 3 hours of sleep and I was very tired. And no, I wasn’t working nor was I reading. I was browsing facebook, instagram and twitter and basically just getting some information about the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian drama. I was so into it: reading tweets, stalking Instagram profiles and reading Facebook articles, that I didn’t notice I was scrolling for about three hours already.

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What I Learned About The Ministry



I’ve been serving in the ministry for almost 6 years now and I can say that it has been and is still is amazing. Elevate has been a major part of my life and has influenced my spiritual growth not only as a leader and a person but also in my relationship with Christ. And throughout these amazing years of having the privilege to serve in God’s kingdom, He has taught me so much and I would like to share a few of them with you. ❤

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