An Open Letter To You

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An open letter to YOU.

Yes you.

I know what you are feeling right now.

The feeling of longing. Longing to have someone to be with. To have someone text you “Good morning” and “good night”. To have someone make you feel that you are beautiful. To have someone hold your hand and tell you “I love you”.

And the feeling that you have found the one you’re longing for. The one.
That every time she walks by, you just can’t help but admire how beautiful she is. That every texts he sends you makes you feel that someone cares for you. Your heart is wildly jumping just hearing her voice. Your heart is fluttering just seeing his smile.

And you can’t wait. You can’t wait to ask her to be yours. You can’t wait to say yes. You began imagining your future together and how wonderful and amazing would that be. You cannot wait. You got to have him now. You got to have her now. You love her. You love him. And that is the most important. Nothing else matters.

But let me tell you this. Other things matter. Other things matter MORE. And the longing that you feel? It will never be satisfied by the boy who is so good at playing the guitar. It will never be satisfied by the girl whose eyes seem to sparkle.

Do you know who? The one who can satisfy your longing soul?
The one who can make you feel beautiful? The one who can hold your hand and never let it go?

That one, my dears, is Jesus. He alone can. The love, the care, the attention that you seek? It can only be found in Jesus.
“For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.” (Psalm 107:9)

As young as you are, having relationships should not be the center of your world. The boy or the girl that you “love” will not give you the kind of love that can fill your soul and satisfy you. Pursue a relationship with Jesus. Get to know Him. Make Him your priority. Direct your longings to Him. Be patient.
You know why? Because He loves you. He died on the cross because of His love for you. Isn’t that enough.

That is why my dears, please guard your heart.
Guard it and give it to Jesus.
Not to her. Not to him. To Jesus.
From a single girl who found her satisfaction in Christ



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