What I Learned About The Ministry



I’ve been serving in the ministry for almost 6 years now and I can say that it has been and is still is amazing. Elevate has been a major part of my life and has influenced my spiritual growth not only as a leader and a person but also in my relationship with Christ. And throughout these amazing years of having the privilege to serve in God’s kingdom, He has taught me so much and I would like to share a few of them with you. ❤


Being a part of something special gives us a good feeling. There’s nothing wrong with that. Serving God should be a joy. But God has given us priorities and though ministry is one of them, it’s not the most important one. Do you find yourself neglecting your personal time with God because you are too busy with ministry? When Jesus visited Martha and Mary, Martha was too busy preparing and serving Jesus. Mary chose not to help Martha to listen to Jesus. Martha complained and Jesus answered her: “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[a] Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” [Luke 10:41-42] 

Always remember that God should come first above everything. Ministry is a very good thing. But don’t let it take over God’s place in your life.


Ministry gives us joy and we do it because of our love for God. But it is not always easy. There are times when we have to get out of our comfort zones and do the things that seem to be beyond our abilities. There are also times when conflicts with fellow Christians arise and we are left feeling discouraged and hurt. But looking at Jesus’s life and ministry, things were not always in his favor. He had to feed five thousand people, Pharisees kept on challenging Him, and just imagine walking and walking! I don’t think I would last.

But Jesus didn’t give up. During these difficult times, He leaned on God more and buried Himself in prayer. So if you are feeling discouraged in the ministry now, lift all of your burdens to God and use these things happening as learning experiences. Don’t give up on your ministry unless God tells you to. 🙂


Ministry is a privilege. God has called us to serve in His kingdom and that is an amazing privilege. I’ve had experiences where in I tend to hold on to the position I’m in and take pride in it. I have become proud. “I am a team head! I don’t take orders. I give them!” But I realized that really, God doesn’t need me to do these works for Him and if He wants to, He can take the ministry away from me. I am never worthy to serve God but He gave me this privilege. What we should do now is to be faithful and give our best to Him in ministry and in everything that we do. ❤





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