When Assigned to Lead a Prayer…


(c) Elevate Imus

“Dyan, please lead the prayer.”

I blinked my eyes two times to make sure I heard the name right.Me? Did he say my name? My hands start sweating. My heart is pounding. I’m racking my brains for excuses to give. Anxiety is building up and I’m sure my prayer is going to fail.

These were the things going through my mind when I used to be assigned to lead the prayer. Many of young people I know are hesitant and scared to lead a group in prayer. And I get it loves. I used to feel that way and I would love to encourage you. Here are maybe some of the thoughts or questions you have (I used to have) when you are asked to lead the prayer:

1. English ba or Tagalog? Hala. Paano pag wrong grammar ako?

2. Ilang minutes ba? Baka super ikli lang ng prayer ko.

3. Huhu. Hindi ako magaling mag-pray.

I know that some of you feel pressured when assigned to pray maybe because you know some people who are seemingly good at praying. They use deep words and they seem to say the right things. And you also think that other people might think less of you  when you do not pray like them.

But let me tell you loves that those things do not matter. It does not matter if you are eloquent or not. Prayer is not speech giving. It does not matter if commit grammatical errors. Prayer is not graded. It does not matter if people will judge you. It says more of who they are than  who you are. Don’t lose sight of what matters. Your heart is what matters. God will not look at the words you utter but He will listen to what your heart is saying. Is your prayer sincere? Is your prayer directed towards Him? Instead of focusing on the people around you, focus on God since He’s the one you are talking to, not them.

My loves to be able to pray is a privilege. We are so blessed that we can talk to God this easy. If you want to be more confident in praying out loud, then try praying aloud more often during your personal prayer time.  If you’re more comfortable in praying in tagalog, then do so. God will still understand you. But ultimately, leading a prayer is not a performance. Focus your heart on the Lord and what’s inside of you will come out of your mouth.

So the next time that you will be asked to lead the group in prayer, take a deep breath and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Then simply, pray. 😊❤️

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ”              ― John Bunyan





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