Being a Good Steward of Time: Social Media


My head was aching yesterday when I had my 4am classes.I could not concentrate well. I only had almost 3 hours of sleep and I was very tired. And no, I wasn’t working nor was I reading. I was browsing facebook, instagram and twitter and basically just getting some information about the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian drama. I was so into it: reading tweets, stalking Instagram profiles and reading Facebook articles, that I didn’t notice I was scrolling for about three hours already.

This experience and the ultra mega super headache led me to reflecting how much time I allot to social media. It’s not like I have something else to do, right? It’s my free time. I am done with all the important stuff needed doing. So browsing Facebook is okay? Right? I tried to justify my actions by saying that I was scrolling through social media only during my free time. I have finished my quiet time, I am finished with work and I am about to go to sleep. So really, I was not doing something bad.

Okay. So it’s not bad. But was it good though? Was it good to spend three hours “investigating” an issue that is not of importance? Was it good to stay up until 1 am even though you know you have to wake at 4am? Was it good to invest your time in something that in no way would glorify God?

It hit me. I was so used to thinking that my free time belongs to me. I have always allotted this free time for mundane and unimportant things that it has become easier for me to think of that time as my own. But really, it’s not. The “free time” is given to me by God and I can’t just use it for anything I want. I have surrendered my time to Him and that includes my “free time.”

No, Social Media sites are not evil things BUT they can become an unhealthy addiction. It could draw us away from God and could lead us and our minds closer to the world instead of away from it.

“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” – Colossians 3:2

The three hours I had could’ve been used for better things like reading a devotional book, praying, or even sleeping. I remember sharing with my dgroup upline how I do not have time to have my personal bible study anymore and then I realize how come I have time to watch TV? How come I have time to watch a movie or YouTube videos? 

If God tells you to delete all your social media accounts to have more time with Him, can you do it?

It’s sad how many of us spend more time scrolling down Facebook than studying the Word of God. So my loves, it’s now time to evaluate how much of our time is wasted liking, posting, scrolling and sharing things not of eternal value on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media sites.

I have decided to make a game plan and I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. I will turn off notifications on my iPad and I will time my use of Social Media.
  2. I will refrain from sharing and posting unimportant things
  3. I will refrain from clicking links that would lead to unedifying things. If it won’t bring glory to God, I will leave it alone.
  4. Use Social Media for God’s glory not for my own glory through my posts.

God has given us the precious gift of time. Let us all be good stewards of it.  🙂

The man who would truly know God must give time to Him.” – A.W. Tozer



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