23 Things I Learned at 23


I turn 23 today and I thought I’d share little nuggets of learning that I got ahold of during 23 years of living this awesome God-given life. ❤

  1. NOTHING, and I mean literally nothing, is ever worth living for without Jesus.
  2. You can aim for big things and great things and amazing things in life but if those “big”, “great” and “amazing things” do not involve God then you might as well  be aiming for nothing.
  3. Things will not work out as perfectly as you imagined them to be.
  4. Be thankful you are not in control of your life, that would be chaotic. Praise God He is in control.
  5. If you want to be wise in your decisions, abide in God’s Word.
  6. Never take sin lightly. No matter how “small” it is.
  7. I used to always want to be on top and to be ahead. But life is not a competition.
  8. Coffee, ketchup, and light bulb: best inventions in the planet.
  9. I’ve been in an apathetic state before and let me tell you that it’ is one of the most dangerous places to be in. Don’t be afraid to care. Care deeply.
  10. You can conquer anything if you work hard on it. Even math. 🙂
  11. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Abide yourself in His word and your desires will be consistent with His will.
  12. Forgive. Your heart will suffer from the weight unforgiveness.
  13. People will disappoint you. You will disappoint people. Don’t use disappointments as reasons to not love people.
  14. No matter how much you don’t like it, you will work with people so might as well accept it and be good at it.
  15. You are responsible of your decisions. Never blame others for a decision that you made.
  16. Always work hard to find joy amidst all the trials. It’s always there.
  17. Being an introvert is not a reason to be rude, to be aloof and to not connect with people. Be a reflector of Jesus.
  18. Prioritize things.
  19. Just because everybody’s doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right.
  20. Budgeting money and having financial literacy is important. [I’m still learning.]
  21. Stop giving God excuses why you can’t do it. When Jesus invites you to walk on water with Him, then walk on water with Him.
  22. “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also.” Fill your heart with Jesus and guard it.
  23. Never be satisfied with where you are now. Learning never stops. Keep on learning from God and enjoy your journey with Him.


Praise and thank God for this amazing 23 years! Cheers to Him for never giving up on me! 🙂