Being Pressured in my 20s


There are these rare moments (a lot of them) that I feel pressured because of my age. It’ll only be a month before I turn 23 and I just got to thinking of the time when I was in high school and when I thought that I would be achieving so much by 23 years old. But changes happened. Situations changed. Plans changed. I changed. And now, I am a young adult, feeling a lot pressure  and bearing so much weight on my shoulders. And sometimes a twinge of regret and failure creeps in too. There are a lot things a 20-something is supposed to do and I’m not doing them now.

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The Desires of My Heart


Don’t chase your dreams. Chase the God Who has dreams for you.
                                                                                    —Eric Allen
I was scrolling down tumblr when I found this quote by Eric Allen.
It hit me. Hard.

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