To the one who took a path different from others


To the one who took a path different from others,

I know. We are supposed to graduate university after four years. We are supposed to finish college. We are supposed to be ‘someone’ by 25.

But it didn’t happen that way with you. You skipped the steps. You got ahead. It was not intentional. You just had to take another path.  And it’s okay with you. You have accepted your situation.

But there are times when you are still awake at night and thoughts of “what ifs” and “should haves” enter your head. And suddenly you find yourself in a state wherein your past decisions and experiences just keep coming back to you. And the feeling of regret seems to creep in. And regrets never feel good.

There are also times when you hate browsing Facebook. You see your high school friends’ life updates and also your college friends’ graduation photos and you just can’t help but feel sad. And here it comes again: regret tugging at your heart.

And let me tell you. You are not meant to live the same lives as others. You have your own pacing and accepting that would give you peace. God has plans for you. And let me tell you that they will be beautiful. You haven’t figured it all out yet. And that’s okay.

Graduating and education is a very good thing. Many people pursue it. But not having a degree does not mean that you are less than others. Life is not a competition. It’s not about getting ahead and catching up. Everyone blooms differently.

So please, never regret your experiences. Your setbacks are not your failures.

Lift up your head. Smile. Move on. Choose joy.

Pursue great things. You still can.


Sincerely from a girl travelling the similar path,




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